D Major International Music Festival

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The D Major International Music Festival
Maestra Vivian Conejero, Artistic Director & Principal Conductor

The D Major International Music Festival was inaugurated in Kiev, Ukraine, on November 25, 2011. DMIMF events have since been presented in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, and four times in Italy, including Rome.


The festival was founded by Maestra Vivian Conejero. Her original mission was to offer opportunities on an International level to under-exposed professional Classical musicians with disabilities and to integrate them with comparably gifted conductors, composers, instrumental and vocal soloists, as well as orchestra players without disabilities. The D Major International Music Festival is now fully integrated; it is NOT a “disability festival,” but a festival which welcomes all qualified musical artists, regardless of disability, age, race, etc. High-caliber, professional-level conductors, composers, instrumentalists, and singers with/without disabilities are invited to be a part of every DMIMF concert and to have their appearances recorded on audio and/or video—as available and if affordable in each locale.  The DMIMF will be held at other cities and countries around the world. Depending on monetary resources and other factors, the DMIMF will occur at least once per year. 


Our 2015 events include a symphonic concert on May 4, in Monza, Italy and May 8 in Constanta, Romania plus a fully-staged performance of Mozart’s Don Giovanni, in Romania. The latter is to be scheduled during the fall. Conductors and singers may apply to take part in this event.


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